My Proof Profit Strategy

I know Proof Profit Strategy sounds bold. I trade the weekly and daily trend. I am too impatient too hold long
long term. I will show Demo’s that from from $200 to over $600 very quickly. Picture below is a Demo… It got me thinking what if I started to take Profit Daily. Notice … No Stop Loss… Open Trades 15

Last week I took 3 accounts
averaging $250 and took them to $650 to $700 in 3 days. I cash out
when the accounts are in profit over $100 and then just open same trades over again.

I will be sharing my Strategy, my weekly Pairs, my indicators I use.

I have been a trader for a few years now. it’s taken me awhile to get to this point. Every trader has to find
their own style of trading. I am very impatient person. I learned all about pips, charts, patterns, drawing lines
importance of Risk management, using stop losses and leverage according to account size.

After blowing my account many times and 100’s and 100’s of Demo’s and back testing. I don’t do any of the
above anymore. I know which way the direction of the Charts are Moving from the 5 Min to Weekly at all times.
I use the 14 Red and 7 Yellow MA and the 50 Blue MA. I trade only those pairs moving in same direction on Weekly
And Daily Chart. You can open separate Window with the 50 Ma to check for Reversal on smaller time frame.

I will be screen shooting my live accounts and Demo’s. I appreciate any feedback or suggestion.



Hi and welcome… :+1:t4:

Beautiful! Love the simplicity. Can’t wait to see details.


I have never see or though that trading 0.01 lot will be profitable

I know right and yet we are taught from the very beginning to use .01 I also felt I had to use bigger lot size to make money. We only have have 1 enemy in trading and that’s ourselves.


I look forward to sharing my progress.


Thank You :+1::fist_left:


I started again this week same strategy. All 3 Accounts running are live accounts

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Two of the Accounts were taken late Sunday night and the other Account I opened early Monday morning. Remember trading on the Weekly And Daily Chart. Last week I had a outstanding week and a lot few pairs are overbought at or above the 70 RSI so I am expecting a reversal. If that happens I just hold or take some profit depending on the situation. The trend is Always Our Friend and there is always a reversal. :fist_left:


Just out of interest which smaller timeframe do you use to determine when to close the trade using the 50 MA?

I use the 50 Ma more as a judgement tool along with 14 red ma and 7 yellow Ma. The 50 is something I just implemented in deciding whether to take trades for the week. For example last week I traded 3 live accounts under $300 using No Stop Loss (we ARE taught Not to do This) about 20 trades open per account .01 leverage.

There are few reasons why I feel I can trade without blowing my account with no stop loss. First I have ran 100’s of Demo’s with the Broker I use. The second reason it all depends on the trend and I only go with Weekly and Daily…they have to be going in same direction.

When my account goes in drawdown it’s usually the smaller time frames are reversing. The 50 MOVING AVERAGE will show you what’s going on. There are great YouTube videos explaining it’s use.

I also use the 14/7 Ma cross over and 50 MA to look for reversals to let me know when to Enter and Exit the trades.

I find Forex easy to do if I don’t over think it, relax, don’t over trade, and go about my life. My Wife use to say I spent my whole time in front of the computer. Checking the charts, looking for trends in all time frames, drawing lines, watching webinars, figuring s/l t/p entry ect… Hardly spent any time on last week and profited $1183 on the 3 accounts. This week we shall see expecting reversal on smaller timeframes but The Trend is Your Friend


An Update to My Proof Profit Strategy. As I was expecting this week I am experiencing a reversal.

I went ahead with the same trades instead of going against the trend. I knew I would have draw down this week but I wanted to show you your Account does bounce back with no worries. I have ran a lot of demo’s and still have demo’s running. Week 1 on Weekly and Daily Chart, Week 2 on Weekly and Daily Chart, Week 3 on Weekly and Daily Chart and so forth. This tells you exactly what’s going on at all times. For example. I ran this Demo last night just to prove a point. On my live account all the Jpy were reversing .

Opened 15 pairs No Stop loss on a $250 Account at $9:00 Pm and by 6:00 Am next Morning 2020-06-09_1955_001

You can also do this when you see the Reversal going back from Bearish to Being Bullish “The Trend is Your Friend”


All The Above Are Demo Account’s.

Notice the my Copy of my Live Account and The Leveraged I used. You Do NOT HAVE to use large leverage Size and Risk Your Account to Make Money. I always Say DEMO DEMO DEMO and then when you are trade Live and have Draw down you can relax and trading is soooooooo Easy


The ABOVE LIVE ACCOUNT is A OLDER picture just wanted to SHARE what lower Lot size can do for you NO need to use Larger lot Sizes.


Great growth I really want to know more about how you do your trading

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sounds good, but do u think that trading same pairs in same directions is something logic, using small lot sizes on 10+ open trades is same like open 1 trade with sum of those lost sizes, diversifying your risk is something you should consider, good luck! and waiting for the details…


That’s why I always say demo first just follow my strategy

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Just try to Demo with me. You will get it. I will starting a Exel file to track all my demo’s and a Excel profiit chart. If you don’t have Excel you can use OpenOffice org


thanks for the desire to share your strategy with others but the detail of trading your strategy is missing. how do you use the 14 and 7 MA crossover?

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To answer your Question you trade above the yellow line long or below the yellow line short. Same thing with Blue 50 MA. If you compare where 14/7 cross and its exactly where your entry and exit point is for the 50 MA.


I also use the MACD these three can help you a lot when trading.

From each of my 3 accounts I withdrew a little from each 1 and started a 4th account. Started the Account 6/11 at $153 and same day profited $107.00
using my Strategy. I am up to$260.00

My other 3 accounts are in Draw down which I expected after making $1183 last week. I was wanted to show how its Ok when this happens. I used to panic buts its all about patience , knowing the charts, and having control of your emotions,


I think this many of us rookies have this problem without realising it.

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