My Random signals

appl cfd - sell
beyond meat cfd - sell
goldman sachs group cfd - sell
mastercard inc cfd - sell
NIKE cfd - sell
SPDR_S&p500_etf_trust (spy.p) cfd - sell
walmart inc cfd - sell
natural gas - buy

uniswap - sell

eur jpy - buy

gbp jpy - buy
gbp chf - buy
eur nzd - sell

overall best 2 trades for monday 17th january
aud usd - buy
gbp usd - buy

aud usd tp 0.72743
gbp usd tp 1.37313

there is a pattern forming of weak swiss chf

gbp usd - buy
cad chf - buy
usd chf - buy
gbp chf - buy

gbp usd looks like its about to pop alot of momentum building

do you have any rules for setting your take profits?

yes, r1 , r2, r3, , so if it gets to r3 tp 1.38205, or shorter tp ,r1 tp 1.37309

thanks for the answer

no problem :slight_smile:

aud usd - buy
gbp usd -buy

still in the 2 buys

nzd jpy - buy
eur usd - buy

wow pips galore today, your in profit if you followed me today :slight_smile:
nzd jpy shot up nicely too

gbpnzd - buy
eur aud - buy

gbp nzd - buy looks like its about to break out in london right now

up 25 pips from london open of gbp nzd buy
there is another buy opportunity to take and thats eur chf - buy iā€™m entering that aswell

aud usd sell also

cad chf - sell