My Random signals

Hello here i will post my random signals.

signal for Monday 10th January 2022


I think we’re in basic agreement.

My aim is to get into established D1 trends and I don’t see a trade on AUD/USD right now.

As for USD/JPY I am actually long on this but USD has weakened so much that I don’t have any other buy signals on USD and its too soon for me to go short. JPY tends to be weak and stay weak and if not for that I would be pulling out of my long on this pair: as it stands I will try to hold until at least the NY close on Monday and re-evaluate then.

But USD/CAD has got to go.

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Hi Tommor,
Yes I also don’t see a trade on AUD USD right now. I did ride the sell down for a couple of days this week. I sold usd jpy on friday and will sell it again on monday, short term usd jpy is bearish (for the moment).

Happy you saw USD/CAD flaw, even though you have no idea why. CAD is linked to oil, so the USD is counter productive being the oil currency. That is the short version on USD/CAD. Money to be made when OPEC interferes, so keep it in your back pocket for now. Trade it seldom, but wisely!

AUD is my specialty and you never said if it is buy or sell. Even Babypips admins get AUD wrong, so whatever you say, all good. I will let you know what AUD I trade in what direction Monday morning at 06:00

Right now I view the main AUD pairs as follows -
AUD/CAD - no bias
AUD/CHF - sell
AUD/JPY - weak buy
AUD/NZD - weak buy
AUD/USD - no bias
EUR/AUD - no bias
GBP/AUD - fairly strong buy

AUD itself is overall weak against the other currencies so I would try to avoid AUD longs at this time. The best AUD trade for me is buy GBP/AUD, but GBP/NZD is better, as is GBP/JPY.

AUD/USD parked at the 50% Fibonacci Line for the weekend… You did not know that! Only an idiot will touch it on Monday, it is gonna hit at least 2 retracements.

AUD/JPY parked at the 23.6% Fibonacci Line.
2 Trades are already useless!
AUD/CHF is clean and ready for trade. No clear direction at this moment, it needs to hit a Fib Line before trading it.
AUD/CAD is way Oversold…It has no choice but to come up, even if only to 0.91547. AUD/CAD is the only AUD trade for Monday morning 06:00

If you touch the GBP/AUD, you gonna burn

Fair enough. I see GBP/AUD as a fairly strong buy I don’t have a “buy now” signal - my TA doesn’t generate entry signals, it gauges the relative strengths of trends to indicate which ones I should try to find an entry into.

Almost none of my entries are live, they’re usually through orders set ahead of price to take advantage of a trend resumption following a pull-back. How far ahead of price I set the entry order depends on the overall strength of the trend. However, I’m always looking for at least one close which is counter-trend, and I aim to get in late in the day on the trigger day.

It follows that I wouldn’t look to enter GBP/AUD until we get at least one more lower close, so that’s going to be late Monday at the earliest. Price has closed higher 3 days in a row, so the likelihood of Monday closing lower are good. Of course its possible I wouldn’t be in this one very long, as we’re hitting a well established resistance zone.

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You are definitely right about that resistance zone and that’s why it’s on my watchlist……A reversal is coming soon.

We have opposite views of charts - I never take reversal trades and I ignore support in downtrends and resistance in uptrends. Each to their own and this will all play out in time.

You don’t have to sound grumpy just because you don’t trade a certain way others do.

General note- Can y’all learn to address people nice in this community??..…I’ve come across a lot of posts where pple are unnecessarily rude instead of encouraging :woman_facepalming:.

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I didn’t mean to sound grumpy. I simply remarked that we had opposite views on trading. I don’t criticise you or your views, I don’t say you are wrong.

I fully support your plea for courtesy on the forum.

I appreciate the feedback….I just perceived the post as an indirect attack.

But it’s fine now….Cheers🤝

signals for Thursday 13th January 2022


you should be in profit right now if you followed my signals,
go go go!

signal for friday 14th january

eur chf - buy

gold - buy

dogecoin - sell

signal for monday 17th january
gbp usd - buy