My Recommendation

hii every one , i will post my private recommendation , you just watch it for one week and try it on demo then when you will be comfortable for it you can join it on your real account , i make my recommendation in time and price , just buy and sell @ 00:00 GMT , or in price : : and this is my first one to you

sell Gbp-usd @ 1:00 GMT or 4.00 at ikon royal platform

happy trading for all

What do you base your trade signal/advice on? I’ll follow along however what constitutes the trades direction? profits? SLs?

What do you want to follow him for?
Don’t you have your own methodology wrapped up?

I’m open to creating discussion and seeing what other people offer.

What I trade right now is a result of many other ideas put together. I don’t have myself to thank for that- it’s other people’s methods and ideas.

EDIT: Oh and by follow I mean watch, not actively trade…

its based on math , but it has adifferent mechanizm in perdection the market , like the wave will be between two tops or two bottoms or top and bottom , when it change may be abig change in trend will happen , for example last night i said that it will be top at 1:00 GMT but it makes alow :wink:

see the chart


GBP/USD now will change in this hour

hello,where is the stoploss,because on the last one it was -100 pips

your recomendations have already give me more than 300 pips.

but i´ve done the oposite:D

stop loss will be the low or high of the last candle

hhhhhhh ,really there is a brob right now , may be cause i stop trading for two month so i forgot the laws :confused: here is a statement for my previous trading you can give me your opinion , its already on demo account :

any comment !!!

Yes, A Blind Chicken Finds A Corn In Between Too. :smiley:

Serious, Most of us don’t want to follow a “Trading Signal Service” and then have to pay for to “join the club” later. We like to see what is it that makes it work or brake.

iknow what you mean but its complicated math operations and alot of members will not understand it , thats why i try to make a recommendation for it and i will not sell it at the present time may be after one year or two and this is my right to sell it , but not now , and may be after one or even two years .

here`s another recommendation :smiley:

buy Gbp/usd @1.6500 and take profit @ 1.6600

medo… sorry:p

if you want to post your reconmendations is only because you want to help…right.

is a good thing to do… but try put SL and TP too.

by the way nice short run resuslts, hope you can keep it on long run

I will do my best becuse its the first time i put recommendations , iam good in trading but not in recommendations , next time if i decide to put it i will put st and tp and a complete analysis with it :wink: