My Scalping System

Hi there everyone, im relatively new to forex trading and have bee nlearning for about 2 months on and off. I must say I’ve learned alot during this time and tried several systems for short periods of time. I have come up with this system based on several others i have come across and woudl like some opinions on it. i dont really have hard rules to follow jsut guidelines that help me enter trades. here it is

basically i use a 1 min chart and looke every so often at the 5 min for general trend and backround info. maybe ill glance at the higher tfs for the same reason. also i trade the US open from around 8 - 12.

parabolic sar - 0.02, 0.2
parabolic sar 0.01, 0.1
sma - 8
sma 21
sma 60
sma 144
macd w/ the same parabolic sars
full stochastic

now i use oanda so i cant really use fib lines unless i open parallels wiht my mt4 platform.

originally i would enter trades when the 0.01 and 0.02 PSARS on both the chart nad macd agreed wit hthe stoch not in the extremes and it seemed to work quite well.

i was then browsing the internet and came along another scalping system that uses an 8 period sma for triggers. so i started using that line like so

  1. when a candle passes the 8 sma you wait for it to close above and then enter on the next candle.


  1. you enter a trade once the candle passes the line in a clear uptrend or downtrend.

i also also incorporate candle patterns to some extent, i.e. pin bars etc but i know they arent as reliable on small time frames. i just use common sense ( trend is slowing and candles are getting shorter with tails etc). to be honest ive only been using this system this week and todays trading i lost around 2 percent of my account with 2 wins and 3 losses. yesterday i gained over 5 % with 8 wins and 6 stupid losses i shouldnt have let happen due to my greediness. as you can see im going for a smaller amount of pips.

for those of you using oanda i and using 10,000 unit orders on a $500 demo account. and looking for a 5 pip profit and let it run in a clear trend.

please give me your insight on what you thins of this system and any changes etc that coudl be made. liek i said this system was pieced together from various thinkgs i have learned. not sure if the various smas are a good thing or not. liek everyone here Id love to make a nice buck in this business and would enjoy hearing what you all have to say. and by all means try it out yourself!


Don’t worry about making any changes. If you keep making changes you’ll never know what works and what doesn’t. Trade your system live and stick to your rules while doing so. Don’t go back and forth.

Going back and forth is one of the major reasons why people don’t make it in trading.