My sl was hit at wrong price

Hi all

Im a noobie with a micro account

this morning i was stopped out by my broker at 7.14 am gmt GBP/YEN - the candle high was 148.81 and my sl on a sell order was 148.85. The price reversed and would have took my trade into profit.

Is this an error by my broker or am i missing something

any help appreciated


You got stopped by the spread, you didn’t account for it… On a short, say the spread is 5 pips, then as you watch the candle move, the price line you will get stopped at is actually 5 pips above the forming candle.

Open up a chart and zoom and set your chart to show both the bid AND the ask line.

ThePhoenix has it right. Funny thing is when I started the same thing happened to me and I was all confused. Then I remembered pipschool :slight_smile:

ty guys i thought it must be that but cant really get head around it, which is why i asked here rather than sending an angry email to the broker hehe - beginning to realise how hard this game is.

my other trade retraced about 3 pips before my tp very frustrating


LOL, don’t feel bad. I actually did send an angry e-mail to my broker the first time it happened to me. Actually it was live chat with a very patient ibfx support rep.