My system more than a year


You can follow my trading system on my profile , i run it more than 1 year now…

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I for one do not follow links from random members who just joined and can’t be bothered to post a bit about themselves and their system. This is considered spam and will probably be deleted.

Tell us a bit about this system of yours…

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The absolute gain (real gain) is 4.76% while the drawdown is 18.34%.

The inflated gain of 72% is likely to have been derived, or rather, faked by the deposit trick that myfxbook fails to detect.

In summary, likely just another scammer peddling his goods.

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And a one-post wonder, too.

I only joined the forum a couple of weeks ago, but learned last night that contrary to my initial belief, and contrary to appearances, if you comment openly on the spam, some of it does actually get removed.

And there’s certainly no shortage of it to comment on! :laughing:

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