My System

This is my new system testing on real account.
Please share your reviews.
LogicOneTrade System by LogicOneTrade | Myfxbook

Ow can we review a system when all the information is private?

Only Trades and lots are private.
You can view growth and draw drawn.

That doesn’t prove anything, unfortunately.
We can’t determine the risk per trade. How long a trade is kept, etcetera.
If you want people to review your EA you need to be more open than you are now

Looks like ok,
but need to test at longer term.
Because this DD scary me, almost half of deposit…

It is just because of only $200 investment.
This system requires $500 minimum.

Performance is good . I don’t mind drawdown since i see it as an internal factor that can be managed with good money management, stop loss change etc . The sharpe ratio is good , average with a lot of profitable techniques out there , risk ruin at 50% is at o.o1 which is good , average duration trades are held is short which is good trading and lastly being a manual trading strategy , even better.
That’s how i analyze systems and yours has passed my little review . But, still more to look at for final assessment . If interested , talk to me and i will look further and improve for the long term .