My telegram bot isolated me from real money losses


I closed last month with 4 weeks in a row w/o loss (P/L is calculated on weekly basis).

I had few several issues:

  • watching for losses in real money was killing me
  • calculating position size according to acceptable risk
  • position size increasing after successful periods
  • missing moving to B/E in a certain condition
  • opening trades during dead time
  • over trading & trading discipline in general
  • and other stuff which I don’t remember now :slight_smile:

I needed a tool to help me isolate myself from real money numbers, and automate a lot of stuff - moving to B/E, position sizing, different set of restrictions.

So I wrote telegram bot for myself which only support trading with Oanda broker.

Bot understands commands like:

order sell cad 1.36
It will open sell order for usd_cad with stop loss at 1.3600 and set TP with RR set in settings.

close eur_gbp
It will close order right away.

prints you open trades with ONLY PIPS, NO REAL MONEY numbers, Sample:
USD_CAD sell at 1.35812 40.9 pips SL:B/E TP:15.5 pips
EUR_USD buy at 1.12964 41.4 pips SL:B/E TP:55.8 pips

It can also report something like this:
moving USD_CAD to B/E

Extra things like:

  • Logging all your thoughts during trading week

log “good setup on nzd_usd but weekly plan is done”

  • All trades are added to trading journal for further analysis with screenshots of setup (from Tradingview)
  • Bot is doing weekly review and increasing risk percentage based on results of the week.

So I NEVER see real money numbers. It is much easier to trade now.

Some details about strategy - Price action, 1H+ charts, liquid pairs (majors, eur_bgp + jpy pairs), no news/calendars. Last one and I think very important - timing.
Best book IMHO - Trading in the zone.
P.S. Honestly, there was 1 technical loss cuz bug in a bot during trade close.