My Trading Experience

[B]Hello, I am a Forex trader. I am happy with my trading. I am like to share my experience here. We can also discuss about trading.[/B]

[B]Experiencing the forex market with a practice account, I started to see the validity to many of the claims I heard over the years.
Trading long or short was simple, with the same amount of risk, in contrast to shorting stocks where you need to follow certain restrictions. I was able to get out of forex trades going in the wrong direction and reverse my position immediately, and often recoup my losses quickly.
Another great advantage with forex trading is that you don’t need to worry about day trading rules – you can trade in and out of a position as much as you want, scalping for small profits 24 hours a day, and you can start with as little as $100 with some forex brokers. (You should probably start with at least $200 though, this is the minimum you need to allow you to make mistakes without getting wiped out completely.)
In my next posts I’ll point out some more “advantages”[/B]

[B]Forex makes you rich by trading. You should have one strategy and money management plan. If you follow these 2, you are ready to start trading. And also you should have control emotions and greedy. This should be strictly followed by beginners. OK. On the next post i will share my Experience on trading.

Hi, viewers. Lets start our journey with my profit experience. when i am new to Forex, i was very afraid about the movements and i lose some money by means of fear. Nowadays, i should confident on my positions.

Now, i am trading with $200 in fbs broker. They are NDD provider. They support traders and also give lot of analysis. They also give give 4 way customer care support.
Ok. let us show my profit. On my first day i make $6 using scalping strategy. You should have to select the broker that should provide very speed server. I chose fbs. And all my profits were on the below image.

See the latest performance with fbs. I hope that you also get this .

My todays performance with fbs.

[B]Lets have a view on analysis part.

Standard & Poor’s warned yesterday that the risk of double dip recession in the euro area has increased due to slowdown of the region’s economic growth. The rating agency notes that high unemployment and recent slump of equities may affect spending – S&P is going to watch the dynamics of consumer demand in the coming quarters.

The specialists still think, however, that Europe will be able to avoid the double dip due to such drivers of growth as demand from emerging markets and the recovery, though sluggish, in corporate capital spending.

Euro zone GDP growth slowed from 0.8% in the first 3 months of the year (q/q) to 0.2% in the second quarter casting doubts on the euro area’s prospects over the next 18 months through 2012. In addition, the agency notes that there’s still strong divergence on the European nations’ economic growth.

Standard & Poor’s lowered the region’s growth forecast from 1.9% to 1.7% this year and from 1.8% to 1.5% in 2012.

From fbs


This is my latest withdrawals. I am really satisfied.

this is my latest withdraw history with $200 starting fund.

[B]In March 2011 FBS participated in the ShowFx World exhibition.

The culmination of the event was rewarding of Forex-brokers. FBS won in “Best mini Forex Broker 2010” nomination.

“Now it’s hard to imagine international market without FBS. Its great work qualities, numerous promotions, bonuses and contests, regular dialogue with its customers and improvement of trading services can’t leave any trader indifferent to FBS. The best order execution in each type of accounts, particularly in Micro accounts, deserves the first prize. We are glad to announce that the majority of investors have chosen FBS as the Best mini Forex Broker of 2010” – declared organizers of the exhibition.

We thank all the traders for having faith in us and guarantee that the standard of our work will be maintained. In the near time we plan a broad regional expansion (in April FBS is opening a representative office in Shanghai), providing traders with the new perfect platform for CFD trading, adoption of a functional mobile platform for Android system, smartphones iPhone and BlackBerry and a new trading platform MetaTrader5.[/B]