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Hi everyone,

I will be using this thread for my own Trading Journal.
Presently, I trade from an hostile environment but in order to efficiently focus on my trading plan I decided to make my Trading Journal in this forum and also public.

Also, this topic is only reserved to myself. If anyone have a suggestion about any of my statement in this journal and want to talk about it, they can create another topic for this purpose or send me a private message.

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You are a brave person. Look forward to what you post and I wish you well.

Happy Trading



Today, 05th February 2021, 6:00 am. I’ve just finished my daily scan of the market.

There are important news release today and I will focus on the following news from Babypips Economic Calendar :

  • Japan’s leading indicators at 5:00 am GMT
  • Germany’s factory orders at 7:00 am GMT
  • France’s trade balance at 7:45 am GMT
  • U.K.’s Halifax house price index at 8:30 am GMT
  • Italy’s retail sales at 9:00 am GMT
  • BOE’s Bailey to give a speech at 12:15 pm GMT
  • U.S. NFP reports at 1:30 pm GMT
  • Canada’s labor market data at 1:30 pm GMT

From my analysis, I will focus today on USDJPY and/or EURUSD.

Since yesterday, I have a new validated trading account with another broker, XM, who is regulated. However, I equally faced with this last account yesterday technical issues, especially I can’t use pending orders while this is the type of order my strategies are based on…A log file of my MT4 account was provided yesterday to the support team…both XM and Tradersway…so I hope all my previous “technical issues” are now resolved so that I can focus on trading.

The corrupt undercovers, especially an old American woman [yesterday evening around 9pm GMT, she tried to trap me again provoking me…in order to send me to jail and/or make me evicted from the hostel were we all are (same dorm…she chosen to be in the third bed on top of mine while there are others bed sets totally available…)…each bed set is composed of three beds but the second bed of each set, the middle one is presently only used for the luggages…for safety purpose in regards to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis], pulling me down on the daily basis are already on their laptops/tools…certainly monitoring/spying everything I’m doing on my devices…looking for any opportunity to sabotage me…

Almost every 10-15 minutes my BT-Wifi get disconnected and I strongly believe (at least) the old American woman undercover has something to do with this internet connection issue : I subscribed to BT-Wifi about two weeks ago because they were cutting off the hostel wifi (at least for me) in order to prevent me to my businesses online…but apparently it wasn’t enough for these haters…

However, the old American woman came in the hostel only about a month ago…while I was facing similar issues before her arrival in the hostel…especially from some people working in the “staff” of the hostel (including “security” agents)…Also they have just sent her in my dorm in order to amplify their attempts of entrapment/harassment…

7:30 am, it seems like EURUSD is in an downtrend :

  • Sell order placed on my Tradersway account, for 0.03 lot on EURUSD.
  • Sell order placed on my XM account, for 0.3 lot on EURUSD.

7:35 am : Reversion. I closed my orders with :

  • $1.29 loss on Tradersway account
  • $0.16 loss on XM account

I think I’ve not been careful enough since I had just about $11 on my Tradersway account…but I should still try to grow this account from this remaining balance (only).

There is no clear trend yet on EURUSD nor USDJPY…I’m going to have a small sleep (I trade from my bed anyway…)…I started scanning the market today at about 3:30 am…

08:05 am, EURUSD in uptrend.

  • Buy order, on Tradersway account of 0.07 lot on EURUSD.
  • Buy order, on XM account of 0.3 lot on EURUSD.

08:10 am GMT : - a further Buy order on XM account of 0.3 lot on EURUSD.

08:18 am : a further analysis made me decide to close my trades with small profits.

  • $3.69 profit on my Tradersway account.
  • $0.21 profit on my XM account.

08:18 am GMT : I just put a sell order on USDJPY on Tradersway account but this trade has been cancelled like on 29 January 2021. Few minutes later I made trades on Tradersway account, using pending orders, and closed theses lasts (there was a reversal coming…) at 08:45 am GMT with a profit $0.79.

With small accounts like mines I can only be scalping…

09:00 am : Uptrend on EURUSD.

  • Buy order of 3*0.02 lot on EURUSD on Tradersway account.
    09:48 am : EURUSD was illiquid and was slowly reversing and as I had a balance of only about $15 I decided to close at least one thread in prevention of a margin call.
    I also had a loss of $2.02.

Since yesterday evening I find the market difficult to trade…especially today’s London session.

At 11:00 am : Closed EURUSD trades on Tradersway account with 2*$3.9 losses.

I think I need to find a way to prevent people/trolls to write in my Babypips Trading Journal especially when I’m trading…because they piss me off and then I cannot focus on my trading session.

Close equally a trade on Tradersway account on USDJPY, 0.02 lot, with $0.49 loss.

In parallel, I’m sleepy and as there is not a clear trend nor on EURUSD nor on USDJPY I prefer to stay out of the market for one or two hours.

At 2:00 pm : I tried to make a Buy order on Tradersaway account with the remaining $4.65 but it wasn’t possible. I received “Invalid S/L” error for any type of order.
I don’t know if I should close my Tradersway account or not. I will think about it during the week end.

I contacted Tradersway support team again in regards of my last “technical issues” and they provided a response that from now I will try to keep in mind :

“Also note that Liquidity Providers may reject trades during periods of low liquidity or high volatility in the markets.
Unfortunately we can only ask you to place a trade again, it will get accepted by Liquidity Providers and executed in the market.”

But, in this last case it should be fair to get an error message stating something like “Market presently illiquid” instead of a “Invalid S/L” error message.

I’m now definitively out of the market until next Monday.

This could become one of the more interesting threads on babypips.

Maybe, despite of the fact I like to keep most of things about me private…But I decided to follow my trading plan and I’m in exceptional circumstances so no choice…

Since few months I have an harassment journal (I was using my email address to write to myself every harassment/attempts of entrapment on me going on…).

Its essential to have a well defined trading plan. Without that, trading is just random, like the lottery.

I can’t imagine the stress of living in a hostel and trying to trade at the same time.

I lost three quarter of my account between last Friday 29 January 2021 and last Monday 02 February 2021, due to “technical issues”…not predictable in a trading plan…Before that everything was fine.
To trade Forex one need only a laptop…and I have one…and in fact I won’t really mind to be in an hostel if I wasn’t harass…I’m planning to travel soon anyway…and obviously I would prefer my own flat/house…

I even prefer to be in an hostel rather than in a shared house…

On Monday 08 February 2021 :

  • The corrupt undercovers continued to increase their harassment and my mind was on mainly on finding a definitive way to get rid off all of them instead of focusing on my trades. Theses last become very challenging since I decided to close my XM account : I send back to my bank account the USD 50 I put on my XM live account, however on today 09 February 2021 I still not have received the amount on my account. I asked XM the reason of the delay to receive my money back into my bank account while it took them maximum 5 minutes to totally deposit the same amount few days on my XM account : they say it can take 5 working days since they have to use the “same payment method” I originally use to put the money on my XM account. Normally “same payment method” means same payment technology and same payment speed…but they are “regulated”…while their terms are misleadings…in breach of the FCA Regulations Rules…

I made a trade, while my mind was not really in the market, a sell order on USDJPY, and I closed it later with a loss of -$0.29.

The delay in topping up an account is frustrating but I have the same sort of delay when I add money to mine. I’ve traded with the same firm for years and have used the same bank account for even longer but it still takes up to 5 working days before my new finds can be used. I suppose it really is their regulatory capital checks like they say it is. I have not found a short-cut round this.

Today, 09 February 2021.

I took a Sell position on USDCAD for 0.01 lot.

The corrupt undercovers contniue in total impunity their harassment : in the next days, I’m planning, in case I face any further sabotage, to take pictures (I already have few) of them and disclose them on social media…and I may even pay few people on fiverr to help.

These corrupts people are mainly based in Holborn police station and Charing cross police station (it is at this last they have covered the assault on me that left me with an eye injury for life…and later provided false statement to CICA/HMCTS in order to prevent me to receive any compensation…so to maintain in the same hardship and distress in order to further unlawfully exploite me…).

This is my journal. I don’t want you here and I told you to ignore my posts.
Hope to not read you anymore in any of my topics/posts.

I will post if I feel like it.

And as I have said before, you can take action through the Moderators of the site if you feel I have posted anything contrary to site rules. If I’ve posted anything illegal or defamatory or offensive or suchlike I would like to know for the future, as it wasn’t intentional.

Onwards and upwards.

Okay…I see…but if you don’t mind let me focus for today since I try to bring back my Tradersway account at least to the amount it was a week ago.

It takes courage to showcase all your profits and losses here on this forum.
Wish you great trades buddy!

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Tradersway “technical issues” continues : while I made a Buy order at 1.27397 and the price rised to 1.27457 (6 pips) (see in the screenshot below) but my profit remain at “zero”.

In fact Tradersway has this time frozen my Profit to “Nil”, apparently in order to prevent me to take profit. Apparently, after further investigation, they turn a pending order into a limit order (I’ve been careful in making the order).

Tradersway support seems to believe the mistake was coming from me since I started live trading exactly a month ago after two days demo trading, so technically I’m not doing so bad even my account My live trading account was at the beginning at USD 60 (a month ago) and it is now at USD 3.49.

I recorded the trade above but once these undercovers cut off the important part that can be used as evidence that I made a Buy stop order and not a Buy limit.

@bullorbear It is easy for me because I know I’m a good trader and precisely a good scalper but it is my broker who is stealing my money.

I started live trading exactly a month ago after two days demo trading, so technically I’m not doing so bad even my account was at USD 60 a month ago and it is now at USD 3.49 .

I read your posts. What is it you have supposed to have done to upset this guy??



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@Blackduck Please read my previous topics.

The main topic to read being here.

It is not me who upset him at the first instance but instead the opposite.
To summarize I have criminals/corrupt governement agents on my back and he asked me further information that I provided to him (including screnshoot of email) and the only thing he found to tell me is he sympathise with the fact “I presently live in a hostel” …while I’ve been stolen several million by his government and my life still in danger (there is a national lockdown in the UK since December 2020 until present and I don’t have the right to any government support/benefit/grant as I’m self employed…), etc…

He is british…so it seems difficult for him to realise/admit how much his present government on the daily basis breachs the International Law, Human Right, etc…