My trading journal with FXOpen

Good afternoon world, eventually I can come back again to my trading journal. Yesterday I going to hospital pick up one of my family to medical check up.

I see yesterday my EA open two orders and both hit target profit, even though ea open buy and sell, but the price move high volatile and reached both targets, now ea open one order buy, let see what happen later.

Trading with ea is only one way to get profit if skill not supported, sometime I am felt like that, or investing in PAMM account.

Good morning world, wish all people around the world In happiness, with happiness it will help to get healthier, although trading sometimes makes stress in minds, happiness comes from the deep of heart.

Today I have seen my ea open two orders, martingale work in this order, it’s an open buy after yesterday’s sell order already hit the target, target ea only set up in short term target 15 pips, this is scalping ea, combine Marti and hedging.

Good morning world, although there are so many barriers in our life, life must go on, as long as the blood flow in the body, make effort is a must to maintain life. but all humans will die, and back to God.

Today I just want to update if the previous position EA has closed and good work, ea giving profit at the end, now in this morning, I don’t know how actually this ea work, its open buy order already.

Good morning world, Tuesday has come, there are various news occurs in the world, China banned crypto is one big issue in recent days, China vs Australia, novel coronavirus, vaccine, has become a big issue in the world.

But let us back to the chart, yesterday I am still; relying upon EA, its open two order buy and sell, sell order closed hit the target, but then ea again open sell, now there are two orders by EA, I just think if price break low it will become new resistance, but if bounce to rise, the price will land daily high on the week.

Hellow world, just come back again to my trading journal, like as all traders that want to succeed, me too, but the way to become success still a full obstacle, not easy, now I am trying to rely upon to use robot trading called aggressor v3 no expired date, this is a free trading robot.

Anyone can use this robot.

Update yesterday position, sell order already closed and hit a target, but then ea open Marti with increase position size and open buy order, I don’t know what happens later, just let a working

Good morning world, have a nice day. already breakfast a cup white water in this morning with a cake, not bad.

Update my trading journal, yesterday’s position sell EURUSD both enforced me to closed manually after break low, get loss again, but still in luck because let order run in floating, it will hit stop loss and loss will higher. Again my ea open sell order and already hit target profit, but it’s not yet enough to recovery. No problem, today no one order opened,

I use the STP account, not anymore use the micro account, now I see there are changed term condition in micro account with lowest position size become 0.01 lot which before 0.10

Good morning world, I came again to my trading journal, I just see if yesterday’s market EURUSD move continues to decline, yesterday my ea open one order sell and hit target already.

Interesting in Gold, yesterday I am open Sell because I see the price decline, but hit stop loss and waiting awhile, the price move even higher, I am trying to open buy and end with profit, I modify stop loss in profit and let it run but hit by the market price,

Now I have no new position, but try to use limit order sell on Gold with strict stop loss

Good morning world, although pandemics make new problems in the world, maybe some people losing jobs, many companies get bankruptcy, but still, any hope just prays to God if all will over.

Today morning already Monday, I see my chart again, and no new trades opened, last week I get a loss in Gold, and if make a comparison ea and manual seem good to use ea. But sometimes it needs to drive manually.

Good morning world has a nice day, on this morning I am starting with the turn of my laptop, open the chart and browse, just white water inside me, but still thankful, the life must be happy,

In daily trading, not always will make a profit, yesterday no any position, but at present, after opening my chart, I see my robot already open Buy, still floating right now, I am still let the order opened because based on my analysis, the daily timeframe is in support zone, the wave already drops and possible retrace.

Good morning world, grateful today I breakfasted a biscuit, and drinking white water, and continue to look back at my chart MT4 trading platform, I really like to use MT4 because it supports my account. Actually, my broker offers several trading platforms, like as web trader this based MT4/MT5 and web trader based Ticktrader, its for ECN account.

Now I just want to update my position, yesterday my ea open sell and already closed hit the target, but the buy order is still floating this morning ea open martingale based strategy, I don’t know what happens later, but hopefully, the price will be bullish, so my position not dragged to big floating loss.

Good morning world, come back again in a trading journal, this morning, not yet breakfast, first hand is turn on a computer, back to the laptop.

Yesterday’s market is very cruel, they beat my all position, and cause a loss in account trading, EURUSD eventually break low and strobearish hit first order stop loss, then I decided to close another order manually, now I have no new position in my chart.

In my conclusion, EA does not always do good work, its open martingale against the trend, but its the risk,

Day, I am come back to my trading journal, on this week, still very hard to recover, I felt that yesterday I am trying to open in XAUSD, but two positions a day hit stop loss all.

Currently, I am still put a pending order buy limit on gold, 1745 SL 1743, this is my scenario analysis, if its price becomes a support zone, meanwhile my EA not open any new trades at all.

Good morning world, eventually I come back again here after few days offline. when looking on the chart, my ea already open two order buy and sell, now it’s in floating, meanwhile when I see pair CHFJPY, its seems in strong bullish, so I decided to open buy too. Now I have three positions.

Good morning world, have a nice day, the world will happy if all humans in peace and peace come in a soul, how to make minds in peace is to pray to God,

Now I just want to update my trading journal, yesterday order one order buy EURUSD already closed, but then ea open it to buy again a few moments later, and now still left one order buy because the sell order was already closed. In floating now, in other pair I still hold CHFJPY buy and already modify stop loss to break event point.

Good morning world, nice still have the chance to continue life, forex still becomes my part-time business, why I interesting in forex because this is one online business where we can work from home, make money from home, and take a risk from home. flexible time and we can use automatic trading software.

Yesterday order based EA already closed, but ea open new order now, still buy, meanwhile my position CHFJPY I close manual in this morning, because I see the price already reach a peak based history, it could become a resistance zone, although possible to break high and continue bullish.

The gold movement is also interesting, yesterday’s price move uptrend and did not last long then pride decline again, but after that the price again to bullish and success break high. I get profit in gold with the buy, but I do not realize if I attached ea Dark Venus in xauusd, its open sell, when I am looking weird and check them, I barely realize if ea open trades, I close manually its order because I see bulls very strong.

Good morning world, still happy had the time to come back again to my trading journal, still like as usual, not yet breakfast or drink a coffee, but grateful already drinking white water, I just think if drink much white water is good for health. Health is included biggest wealth in our life. Use health before sick as well as possible.

Yesterday I am try in Gold with the sell option, but hit stop loss, my assumption price gold was already in the resistance zone-based BB line, and this morning, again I am trying to use a sell stop below the price, stop loss is always used. Meanwhile my EA open buy and sell order right now, buy order opened yesterday, and sell order barely opened.

Good morning everyone, Monday has come, just now I come back again to my trading journal. This morning I just want to say if my wife get sick and my children were crying, my time for them and now I had time to check my account.

Still left one position today opened by my EA, sell stop on gold end with success, target profit hit, meanwhile buy order in EURUSD already closed hit the target. Now I am trying again on Gold, buy limit on a lower band with strict stop loss, my prediction the price will more reversal, but before the price will retrace to down first, my prediction may be wrong.

Hello world, good morning everyone, I come back again this morning to update my trading journal, already breakfast now, eat a snack but have not yet drink coffee, no problem, happy minds will make me healthier, make sure if we as perfect creation as a human, our body designed perfectly to protect from disease, although there are different each other level protection.

On this morning I see my EA open buy order, meanwhile, the previous sell already hit the target, and I am lost in gold, my pending order hit but also hit stop loss, and now I try again to open buy on Gold with a market order, stop loss still used, If price rising and not hit stop loss, my target is previous high about 1793,

Good morning world, come back again to my trading journal, quiet too late, my children disturb me, so I leave the chart and play with my kids.

Yesterday I have to buy a position on Gold, my target was not achieved but I cut profit manually because I see a reversal pattern occurs, my ea also open sell, and this morning I close manually because I think bullish dominant in the market, and buy position already closed hit target. Now I try again to open Buy on gold with stop loss, my target about 1780 as previous high

Good morning world, I am not updating the journal yesterday, because I am on busy days, picking up one of my family going to a medical checkup at the hospital.

My gold position buy to hit the target again, and thanks to God still give the chances to learn trading, now my EA open buy order, and I am trying again in gold with use pending order sell limit based upper band line that in my prediction become good resistance zone, and out stop loss above the line, so this is tight stop loss.