My trading journal with FXOpen

I am new here, I am not expert and only like to involved in forex industry, here is my trading journal, with no exact strategy, because sometimes trading correlation, sometimes trading price action.

Start from today, I am open buy at GBPUSD at 1.39077 with tight stop loss at 1.38845, let see what happen later.

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best of luck…

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Looks exciting!!! :blush: :blush: I wish you all the beeest. And I’ll drop by every now and then to cheer you on! :smiley: Good luck!

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Thank you mate to visit this thread, continue today trying to update, the previous order hit stop loss eventually, GBPUSD has down.

Today I trade Buy EURUSD at 1.18759, Sell EURJPY at 130.313
I see EURUSD strong bulls the previous day, and EURJPY on correction resistance level, no stop loss on both orders, trying hedge pair correlation.

Close order Buy EURUSD +3.09. Sell EURJPY -2.74

Today open Sell EURUSD at 1.19703 Buy EURJPY at 130.284
I have seen EURUSD formed PIn bar after move high previous day, in theory, this is reversal signal, still no stop loss

I advise every trader to maintain a journal. I maintain the journal myself. It can bring me a lot of profit through discipline and good analysis.

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Barely check Metatrader account, and get false signal by Pin bar, I think Pin Bar EURUSD as a reversal to bearish, but the fact price continues to bullish, close order manually EURUSD -5.42 EURJPY -0.50

Maybe I make rush decision, look strong bulls EURUSD then decided to switching, Buy EURUSD 1.19233 and Sell EURJPY 130.234

Monday morning, I come back to the chart, I am not a trader that always focuses in front of the screen, sometimes open and close order on few days, my Friday position still not yet close till today
Get floating negative EURUSD -2.48 EURJPY -3.38

Still hold position, EURUSD move on the daily range, meanwhile, EURJPY move in a small range, position update Buy EURUSD -1.97 Sell EURJPY - 62

Still hold position, EURUSD already breakout and perform bullishly, expected to continue to rise, EURJPY moves narrow on the daily range, maybe as resistance zone and possible to down.

Floating position buy EURUSD +3.27, sell EURJPY +68

I have closed position today, buy EURUSD +4.08 Sell EURJPY -1.03

Trying to open a new position in the same pair, Buy EURUSD at 1.19632 Sell EURJPY at 130.380

Decided to close all position, with result Buy UERUSD +1.26 Sell EURJPY -0.89

Recenly I am still working to EURUSD and EURJPY, open sell and buy between both pair to take the correlation between pair, it does not always work, but still capable to maintain an account

Buy EURUSD 1.19748 close +0.08 Sell EURJPY +0.53
hold position Sell EURUSD 1.19719 buy EURJPY 130.138

Trading for fun, yesterday I have open Buy EURJPY at 130.138 and sell EURUSD 1.19719, all order closed with end EURJPY - 0.69 and EURUSD +1.24

Now still work in two pair, buy EURJPY 130,151 sell EURUSD 1.19570. no stop loss,

Back to the chart, I am decided to close all orders with the result buy EURJPY +1.58 sell EURUSD - 1.18.

Good morning everyone, Monday has to come, wake up and open mt4 platform in my broker FXOpen, I see EURUSD there are gap occurred in this morning, based on theory, gap occurred because data feed not yet recorded transaction that occurs in Saturday and Sunday due to the market close, when it recorded in Monday morning, like as candle jump to next candle with a gap. usually but not always price will move to recover the gap

Today I move to XAUUSD, I see the monthly timeframe already figure out the bulls market has begun, put pending order buy limit now active at 1774.65, stop loss 1772.64 no target

Good morning everyone, I am back here

Yesterday, I modify stop loss because gold rising, my expectation gold will higher further, but I wrong, price pullback and hit the stop loss with -.0.7, when H1 formed pin bar, I put pending order again buy limit at 1769.70 stop loss 1767.73, this morning PO already active in floating but price move on flat, meanwhile back I open buy EURUSD 1.20293 and sell EURJPY 129.990, in loss floating now with EURJPY -2.17 and EURUSD +0.94