My trading journal

Decided to create my own trading journal here.

For this week, I’m looking at AUDUSD.

BUY ENTRY if it breaks 0.6990
TP1 0.7106
TP2 0.7229

Just an update that I’m still on this trade. Currently trading at 0.6900.

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 8.51.58 AM

Got stopped out of my AUDUSD trade. This pair created a descending channel and looks like it will keep falling. I will continue to monitor this for now.

I’m watching USDCAD for this week. Waiting for price to bounce from the support level at 1.2860 to enter long.

Are you keeping an eye on DXY price action as well as a confluence for trading USDCAD?

Hi cashisking86. Sorry, I don’t look at DXY price action. :grimacing:

No need to apologise. Is it something you’ve never considered or have done but not found it useful? It’s a must for me trading any USD pair but we all differ in our methods.

I haven’t done it but I would like to consider. I will try to look at it on my next trade and see if it will be useful on my end. Thanks for the suggestion!

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An update about my USDCAD trade last week. Entered long after the price bounced at 1.2860. Closed my trade at 1.2919.

For this week, looking at another long entry once the support holds at 1.28662
TP1 at 1.28818
TP2 at 1.28956

There was no confirmation of support to go long so no trade was opened for me last week. The pair was bearish for a couple of days.

Currently, the price is moving up in the direction of the resistance level with support at 1.27900.

I will continue to monitor this for now and look for a good entry.

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 8.58.55 PM

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I have double exposure on USD trades right now. Long King Dollar!!! :crown:


I had a good trade last week. The USDCAD pair bounced off the support level.

Entered long at 1.2840
Hit my target at 1.2950

Currently the price is at 1.2860 level. I’m expecting a short term bearish to 1.2800 level. I will continue to monitor for now and look for a good entry.

Had a quick short trade last week. As I mentioned, I was expecting a short term bearish up to 1.2800 level. I entered at 1.28854 and hit my target at 1.28000. Price was closed at 1.2774.

Yesterday was a bullish day for this pair closing at 1.2904. Again, I will be watching this for now and look for a good entry.

I have no trade for the past weeks because of some personal issues. Checking this pair now and looking to go long if the support holds in place.

Entry @ 1.3071
TP @ 1.3100
SL @ 1.3000

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It was another quick trade for me last week. Entered at 1.3071 and hit my target at 1.3100

Monitoring this pair if the bullish trend will continue.

USD/CAD has been bullish for the past few days. Currently price is at the resistance of the channel. Looking to go short for this trade.

Entry: 1.3335
SL: 1.3370
TP: 1.3201

I got stopped out of my short trade last week.

USD/CAD has been trading in an upward trend for weeks and looks like we’re going to expect a lower correction.

I’m looking to go long once the support holds in place.

Enter @ 1.3630
TP1 @ 1.3750
TP2 @ 1.3780

SL @ 1.3541

It was a good trade last week. My targets were hit with the price being able to move up to the 1.38300 level.

Currently the price is trading at 1.3635. I’ll be monitoring this pair for now and see if the price will continue to bounce off the resistance level.

I don’t have any trades these past weeks and I’m currently catching up with this pair. The price is now trading at 1.3613. Price will likely fall again as the Bank of Canada releases its interest rate decision. Looking to go short once the resistance holds in place.

Enter @ 1.3625
TP @ 1.3568
SL @ 1.3687

An update about my last trade. I was able to enter and hit my target at 1.3569. Price went down to 1.3510 level that day. Currently watching the pair where the price is holding at 1.34 level. US midterm election happening today so I think I’ll continue monitoring for now.

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