My trading Journals with MQL5

Hello everyone, i tested strategy few months. Now can see my game on mql5. First account has stable income and second is growing faster, because lot size is depend of balance. I wish, can use to make million dollars way :33:

Stable v1.0:
Copy trades of the ‘Titanium Stable I’ trading signal for MetaTrader 4

Growing v1.0:
Copy trades of the ‘Titanium Hiperbolic I’ trading signal for MetaTrader 4

04.07.2014 Stable -6% Growing -19% (one transaction looking like AM broker hunt SL, let me now if someone use this same broker, with standard account)

Good luck with it. How long have you tested the strategies and what were the results ? it looks like you created new accounts for these to run with real money.

I tested some strategies on few demo accounts, one year. And i see just strategy ,Stable" can give nice profit without dangerous drawdowns. Second - ,Hiperbolic" use this same method, just orders size is depend of balance, so should to grow faster.

Part of statement strategy ,Stable" from last year is in attached file. I opened new accounts to make clear strategies and soon i will make deposit bigger.

Thank you for your good luck, if keep wining i share big beer :50:

Thanks for the detailed statement. Looking at it you change your lot sizes from 0.01, 0.02, 0.03 and 0.06. Are you using a form of martingale or grid system ?

Just 0.01 and 0.02 transactions are included in strategy. 0.03 and 0.06 are from SMS signals. And for now i use less pairs, which give good income in backtests.

I change lot size 0.01 to 0.02 because the deposit was to big just for 0.01.

Its not martingal or grid system. I plan make bigger deposit and play for example 0,5 lot for 35.000 PLN and withdraw money over this deposit every week or month.

Unlucky i have no more statements because i tested much more strategies and few accounts. Just this strategy was very stable with biggest drawdown ~20. I used some popular EAs and bought few SMS signals but soon or later drawdown clean account.

Everything will clear in history of mql5. For this month Stable strategy +3%.

I’ll keep an eye on it. I do find risk management is the biggest issue that many people do not understand. That is what controls your drawdown so I am always looking for those who have minimal drawdown but adequate profit.

Holly true! Remember about drawdown!

[B]Report for Stable strategy:

From start 17.06.2014: +8,53% :50:

June 2014[/B]
17 +50pips
18 +25
20 +47
24 +50
25 +75
26 -135
27 +25
30 +48
Total: 185 (+8,58%)

[B]July 2014[/B]
01 +23pips
02 +75
03 -277
04 +23
07 +25
09 +100
10 +25
Total: -6 (-0,05%)

[B]Report for experimental Hiperbolic Strategy:

From start 17.06.2014: -3,68%[/B]

June +10,56%
July -12,88%

Those large losing months scare me. It goes against the “stable” phrase. Theya re at least twice as large as your other winning months.

What occurred there ?

I very angry for very bad start. And the standard account of Admiral Markets is not good for this system. Whatever AM Standard is very bad, before i was using Pro account and trading was very very smooth. For now i keep playing, but i will change this bull**** AM account.

SL is very big because this strategy need breath, but normally is very less drawdowns.

Total pips from 17.06.2014: 241,
Gain 12%.