My Trading Strategies for a start

I have been practicing on a Demo account for three months now using the Bill William’s strategies I read about. I understand how to use these strategies and I made quite a fortune on a demo account. On Monday I opened a live account hoping to implement same strategy while taking note of the Fundamentals.

Capital: 5k (plus my 10%bonus)

Broker for now: Profiforex (STP/ECN)

Features I needed: Accepts U.S traders, 1:500 leverage, Low Fixed spread without commission, fast execution, accepts Bitcoin.

Strategies I have mastered

Moving Average and SAR combined
Bill William’s zonal Trading system

Started Trading Yesterday – short term only. I enter trades whenever I get a Green or Red signal using the AC and AO oscillators. But I check to see if there is any news release before taking any action.

EURUSD bought 1lot and closed @1.1354. profit $170

NZDUSD sold 1Lot and closed @0.6725 Profit $70

I will share my analysis on this thread.

I prefer you don’t reply to my thread if you are only here to criticize.

Interesting. I never thought anyone would be able to use and be proud of those indicators. You are on the right track @moneybaggy. I will follow your thread on this

Thank you jenny!

I had an open order on USDJPY with take Profit @119.85. It just hit TP and I made $66. I was sure of this because while looking that the Zonal indicators, it is on the green zone.


You said: “short term only”. May i ask on which TF do you use it?


I use the 1Hour and 4 Hours Time Frame. If I open both time frame and it shows the same Zone, while using the Zonal Trading system, then it is a very strong Signal.
here is my trade history for 5 days or so. Check attachment.

Can you post some screen shots of ur set up please?


Do you have a myfxbook account with this system?

Thanks. Concerning your results, which strategy do you follow exactly: Zonal or MA+SAR? Or both at the same time?

Hoping to hear a lot more…and congratulations on your success so far! Keep up the good work and please keep sharing.

Hi moneybaggy,

Can you please share your strategy. Thanks in advance.

I have tried several times to add an account to it, but I keep getting error messages, so I gave up.

It is the called the Zonal; a combination of AO and AC oscillators. However, I don’t rely completely on them because they are lagging indicators. Whenever I get a signal from both indicators, I check the fundamentals first, and when it is positive, I trade and make profit for sure. Short Term trades only.

Sell position on GBPUSD hit TP @185.41 this morning. made $223 in 20mins. AUDUSD position is still on… (Though am not too sure about it because I greedily entered this trade. I should keep my emotions in check.

Send me a private message, and I will tell you how to set it up.

I just discovered something today. It is risky to use lagging indicators. One thing that help me though is that face that I combine about two to three indicators. So the three of them can’t give you wrong signal at the same time. I am most confident of my position when all indicators give same signal. Do you care to share what trading strategy you use?

The Alexander Helder strategy on Moving AVR and MACD is very effective as well. I am now combining these two strategies on a regular basis

My congretulationts to winner . i hope that i will be a winner in future

Stiven, you can become a winner by losing on one or two trials. Do not be scared to try various trading strategies. One of them will surely make you so much profit that will cover for all previous losses.

I hope if you can share brother

Hello Moneybaggy!

Are you still bagging the money? I was hoping you will continue to share update on this trading system and how well it is working for you.

What is now your observation. Please share

I would like to know the progress of your strategy after one week. How can I contact you?