am apostlepaul, from nigeria and new in the of forex. but I know with your help I will old in forex.
I need your help generally.

Hi apostlepaul. Nice meeting you here. I am new to this forum too. Anyway, you can browse the threads and posts to know more about Forex trading. I am doing the same and I am learning a lot. And maybe we can share tips and ideas next time. Happy trading.

Read the babypips school for the basics first. Let me know when you have got a fare idea from there. I will be happy to help you with the start.
Welcome to the forum.

Hello dollareuro. This is Lee from Manila, Philippines and I’m a newbie Forex trader. I’ve been visiting babypips for a while and reading different posts about Forex. I would be glad if you can help me too with the start. Thanks. I hope to learn more from you.