N00b Question

I am looking for a easy program to start trading with.
easy-forex are they any good? Or do you guys have other tips?


You want easy? Here’s the easiest:

Buy/Sell at market. Flip a coin to decide, it really doesn’t matter. Put a stop 100 pips against your trade, and a target 100 pips in favour of your trade. You’ll be trading in no time!

But if you want an edge, you’re going to have to put some effort into it. Effort like reading and practicing, like any other worthwhile endeavour requires.

I found that forex.com had a nice entry level platform to learn on. Very straight forward.

i would change that to 50 profit and 50 lose :smiley:

Every trader has to find out what works best for them through experience. It’s safe to say that any website charging you money for information probably isn’t worth it though.

There is no easy way/program/software/ when it comes to trading.How could you even think like this?If it was so easy than mine grandmother would stop to braid and would become rich old b…h:rolleyes:
Start to believe in hard work which is foundation of every major success except winning on lottery.Even that is not SO easy:D

None are “easy” but some are easier to become acclimated to than others. Such as forex.com, a much easier platform to learn with than GFT’s Dealbook 360. I would suggest finding a more user-friendly platform to start with (once again, forex.com) since you already have so much to learn when you are new to trading. I know I personally would of been very overwhelmed if I would of started with Dealbook 360 or MetaTrader 4 instead of what I did start with. By starting with an easier trading platform it gave me a lot more time to learn the market than having to focus on learning to use a piece of software.