N1CM review, opinion

Hi, does anyone tryed to withdrawal funds from n1cm? What about trading conditions? I’m looking for broker to trade news like nfp

there are many brokers to trade news. i have 3 accounts in different brokers, some are for ea trading, some for manual trading. you need to undestand that fx trading is too dangerous and news trading as well. I haven’t tryed n1cm but it’s looks quite good. i don’t like they have kyc requirements but it’s typical for many brokers.

they have btc withdrawal wich is good point to choose them btw. if you rent vps (it’s a must for news trading) than the speed due mql will be about 2-3ms. but in that case trade eur, gbp and usd pairs. so with vps that’s quite good. spreads looks quite tight so you can try if you want

Thanks mate, will try

Ok, after a few days it seems like a good broker. the eurusd spread is 1-2 pips, but without vps it’s quite slow
I’ve deposit with btc and in a few test deals make a withdrawal to my wallet on binance. within an hour i got confirmation and than in about 3 hours i got them on my wallet
here is scrn


I’m waiting for the NFP in December, will tell you how it works
For now no concerns

It was crazy but it’s great =)
recommend for trading news!

i tryed nonfarm with ea and vps
result is in the screenshot

the execution was ok for such news and it was closed due SL so i got profit