Need a helping hand coding? Want to learn how to optimize your ea?

Hey haven’t been on these forums for ages.
I was reading another thread of a guy saying he would code peoples ea’s for free guess im gonna be doing the same thing.

Post your ideas and ill try to respond to everyone.Keep in mind I’m quite busy with uni and work so I usually code EA’s because im procrastinating.

Along with doing some free coding I’ll try to educate people on how too optimize their EA’s.
I external parameter the **** out of all my ea’s,if you don’t know what that means,all I’m saying is I like my EA’s to be able to be heavily optimized.(This can be a problem but I’ll talk about that later)

So give us some ideas and lets start the group learning

Attached is a little sumthin sumthin I coded quickly today
If I can’t get someones idea up quick enough I will be moving forward with this example to teach you how to optimize and stuff.
give the code a read pretty simple stuff I added alot of comments so it shouldnt be to hard.
Cheers mates

Hi dizpips,

I am wondering if you could help me. I am looking for an indicator to show average tick volume per session (asia, london, NY) for selected amount of days to average down.
So for egz if you are looking at 1hr chart it would display average vol for 8 bars, 15min - 32bars and so on. Is it easy to code it ?

I have an idea for an EA that uses ATR.

Message me or reply to thread for details.


I’m trying to code a formula, if you could help me, that would be great! Please message me or reply.

Hi dizpips,

I’m not sure if you’re still responding to this thread (I sure hope you are) but I had a request for a simple system. Maybe you’re private messaging everyone for this purpose? If you could do that with me as well that would be great. My system is looking to exploit retracements after large bodied candles on the daily charts.