Need a pro. coder to make this hit indicator

This is a dream… that can really come to be true! Let us all benefit from it.

I need an honest professional programmer to make this pullback MT4 indicator. I have long and extensive experience in price action trading that can greatly help, with joint efforts from other experienced friendly traders here as well, we can all make a big difference to improve this desired indicator into perfection. Everything is certainly possible, if the will is there.

The required pullback MT4 indicator must comply with the following two conditions, and must have email alert as well: -

Condition one:

  1. It identifies Daily & Weekly trend based on the followings:
    For uptrend: -Price is above 50MA, and 50MA is above 200MA,
    -Not violating the formation of higher high & Higher low concept.
    For downtrend: -Price is below 50MA, and 50MA is below 200MA,
    -Not violating the formation of lower high & lower low concept.

  2. To show pullback (in direction of the trend as above) on either of the following
    conditions or combined together (as customized settings on indicator):

  • Off minor (most recent) or major Support/Resistance level/zone.
  • Off Trendline (as on third touch or higher). TL must not cut through candle bodies.
  • Off MA (either 50 or 200).
  • Off 61.8 or 50% Fibonacci levels (as an additional option).

(The followings must apply to “Condition One” of this indicator:
a) D & W timeframes must agree, and can be customized to any other
consecutive two timeframes such as 4H & Daily; Daily & Weekly; Weekly &
b) Both Moving Averages 50 & 200 can be customized to SMA or EMA).

Chart # 1

Condition Two:
strong text
To show price pullback off neckline in following chart patterns:

  • Head & Shoulder neckline,
  • Double Top neckline,
  • Double Bottom neckline,

Chart # 2

These are the effective conditions that make A+ trade setups. Simplicity is essential to get the clear picture. I really look forward to get as many coders & price action traders to join in, so we can all make something really good out of it… for the benefit of all.

Basically, this is a trading strategy not an indicator. Regards Greg

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