Need advice about VPS

Hi, I am so siked to be learning about forex trading and I’m in the baby pips school. I have downloaded MetaTrader 4 platform and installed a EA and I am trading on a demo system. However, my family is going crazy because the computer has slowed down considerably and I keep it on day and night through the week. Will subscribing to a VPS help this situation? If so, do you have any suggestions as to what are the best ones? I really am getting into this and I want it to work out.

A VPS will allow you to keep metatrader going without worrying about your local machine. I am in the middle of my demoing and about to go live so I just got a VPS since I do not have any dedicated machines at the house.

Anyway, i found it hard to get good reviews, so I found a company that was giving 3 months free. The company I used was call expert host, but I will not vouch for them as I just setup my account yesterday. If you do a little googling you will find the coupon, as I really do not remember what it was.

One thing to keep in mind, make sure you install a firewall on the server, making sure to lock it down to reduce the risk of getting hacked. The one thing you do not want is someone malicious hacking your server and ruining your trading account(s)

what is a VPS and why would one need it. I have my MT4 downloaded on my laptop and use wireless. Is there anything else i need

If you have intentions of running MT4 24/5 because of EA’s or trailing stops then you will need a machine that is up all of this time. For some, we do not have a machine that can be dedicated on all of the time. For instance, I have a laptop and so does my wife, but we use them and take them places so they are not always online. We use to have desktops, but one started having problems and the other was given away to my mother inlaw.

For me the choice was either run MT4 at work constantly or use a VPS. I think the choice was clear as I do not want any conflicts of interest at my job.

Thanks. Does the VPS slow down your computer or does having the VPS correct that problem?

A VPS is a service that you rent online. Its basically a virtual computer that has no link to your own. It basically having a machine on the internet that you connect to and manage.

Boy, I am new at this. I understand.

husky 1.
Thanks for the info. What does VPS stand for. Is it expensive and is it a one time payment or would one pay a monthly fee every month.

I think VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”. I am sure different providers have different payment structures, but most of them are on a monthly basis. The standard package is around $40 per month. You can find them cheaper, but on another thread people mentioned you tend to get what you pay for with these.

You will probably want a windows VPS with a minimum of 512M of ram. Some guys run Linux, but then you have to mess with WINE to run windows programs like MT4…Not work the $10/month if you ask me.

so if you have terrible/not so terrible internet connection, is it much better to get VPS then?

try swvps they were the cheapest when i was running ea’s

they wont speed up your computer because you will probably have an instance of mt4 running on your computer and your vps.

check out ckowyong’s vps guide for mt4 … its very helpful in setting a vps up

forex blog by ckowyong - finding the best forex expert advisor… � guide::VPS guide for MT4

MT4 is not slowing down anything. I have a desktop vista when vista was new and it was a fast one. (Build myself) Then I haded with the bulky stuff and got a laptop. Laptop is running 24/7 and never noticed a slow down. I watch movies online at the same time FXDD Demo, IBFX Demo and Oanda is running, check e-mail, be in here and many more things without any problems.
I have the fastest DSL I can have so my wife can do anything online at the same time with here computer.
I have of course Firewall and virus scanner. Important, the last 2 items can eat up your resources if you use one of the famous ones.
I use Commodo (free) as firewall and Avast (free) as virus scanner. They are excellent with very small demand on the systems.
I think your problem is probably Firewall virus scanner. Norton is a hog on the system and so is McAffee in the meantime. Liked McAffee in the old days, now they also go into every file to “protect” you. I think that’s your main bottleneck. Of course I don’t know your Internet Connection.

Forgot AVG (free) was excellent too and is a hog in the meantime, used it for years but then noticed the computer would slow down, uninstalled it and the computer was doing great again. Found Avast :smiley: