Need advice for trading courses

I have started trading 2 months ago.

I started trading using indicators and signals but want to learn in more depth.

I have picked 4 courses and would like a recommendation as these 4 all has good reviews.

  1. The Trading Channel by Steven Hart
  2. Epic Trading
  3. RockzFX
  4. Transparent FX

What would you guys recommend?

Before you buy a course which teaches you everything the trainer wants to teach you, do enough research so that you know what you need to learn about.

What I mean is think about this like when you buy a car - you tell the salesman what you want (because you have researched what you want the vehicle to do) and he finds it for you. You do not pay for what you do not need.

But in our business there is nothing new, so its possible you can find out what you need without paying for all the other stuff you do not need, and faster too.

Basically setting up charts with price action and use fibo for retracement since I like using 15m and lower time frame for scalping. Holding for few days isn’t really my type. Scalping I found more comfortable with. Favorite pairs are usdjpy, eurusd, and xauusd.

If anyone have experiences on any of the courses I would appreciate your reviews if you are are scalping trader.

My advice would be to complete the courses here at Babypips first if you haven’t already done so.

Well, I don’t think that you need to buy a course. There are so many free information sources on the internet that may help you in a better way without you having to spend any money. You can also start with the school of pipsology to clear your doubts.

It is not worth buying courses, as this is just a collection of free information that you can find on the Internet.

Did you choose one? If so which one?

I recommend the Bulls on Wall Street channel on youtube. You will get some advanced strategies from his channel.