Need advise for legit FX gurus

Dear Babypips members,

I would like to know which trading professional is legit to take courses with (assuming I finished all babypips courses) at a reasonable price that will allow me to dive into the market with confidence. I am writing this because there are so many self-proclaimed gurus who turn out to be scammers and I feel overwhelmed with all the information out there on the internet so I would appreciate your help :hugs:.

When you have finished the babypips course , do it again with a demo account. Then read some books with your demo account. Then decide what kind of trader you want to be. Then, it might be worthwhile asking what to do next. At the moment you have a long way to go, need to crawl before you can run. Best of luck. :+1:


Thanks my friend will take your advice into account

baby pips school including a demo account is a very good combination. but sometimes its more appropriate to ensure micro account for acquiring live experience.

There are no such courses. If you see something called trading course you can expect information about basics of trading, technical analysis and maybe some superficial information about fundamental analysis which you can easy find in the internet. To develop your unique trading style you have to develop your edge yourself using publicly available data

Thank you bro for the advice.

Thanks indeed will do that for sure and see where babypips takes me :blush:

In my opinion the truly successful traders are too busy trading to be conducting courses, especially paid ones.

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some paid course really knowledgeable but honestly speaking most of them are found to be scam in practically. so be careful guys.

Thanks for the advice buddy.

It depends on prospective return that their trading edge yields. If it is 10-20% monthly and trading capital is not so large then I think additional income from trading education will be comparable to profit from trading.

That is why I said “the truly successful traders”. It’s a catch 22 situation - if one is truly successful and they don’t need those funds, why bother teaching? If they bother teaching and are truly successful, why do they need those funds?

While I see the point of view that successful traders don’t teach courses, I’m also of the view that successful traders also like to keep busy.

Unless your stuck at a terminal all day, they may want to teach purely to stop themselves from overtrading.

Successful traders love the markets and maybe just want to stay involved in some way.

Although I do agree that overly priced courses and major marketing campaigns promoting them are a red flag.

They probably don’t “need” the funds but that does not mean that they should teach for free either. I’m learning that when you give something away for free it has no value to the recipient.

Trading is a lonely profession and teaching allows for human interaction, not to mention the satisfaction of getting somebody to become consistent and profitable.

I know. I guess I may be a bit biased, because I view teaching as a pretty stressful job and I wonder why teach when you can lie on a beach somewhere, haha. :smiley: