Need free reliable currency strength meter

Hi guys.
Please I need a reliable Currency Strenght Meter, free to download and preferably any one that can be installed on MT4. I’ll appreciate suggestions from you guys.

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What’s more reliable than the US Dollar it is the global standard.
I use the DXY chart as my strength indicator. The correlated and noncorrelated currency pairs are well documented especially the USD currency pairs.

While focusing on the 6 main USD pairs I may miss an opportunity or two with another currency but the keyword is a focus.

Don’t understand what you mean by “DXY Chart”.
You care to explain.

Txs. I’ll check it up.

Don’t know what platform you are using, I can’t view DXY on my platform so I use and pull up the $dxy chart, it is the USD currency.

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Ok, Txs a lot.
I use MT4, & I’m yet to see it on my platform also. Also, I’m yet to see it on Trading View, maybe bcos I’m using the free version.

I use the free version,
Here is another site I find with great tools.
Currency Index - Mataf, with this index tool your do strength of say USD (DXY) agains the currency pairs. Which is how I trade, strong against the weak.

You may also get DX or DXY Index at US Dollar Index (DXY) -

Search “Volatility Watcher” and “OBOS Watcher” in mql5 site. So far so good.

I have this thread running.