Need help find broker

i looking for a MT4 platform broker, who doesnt have a holiday candle,
offer 1 lot = US$10,000 or less.
and can also trade 2 decimal i.e 0.15, 0.22 lot.

thank you.

my current one is IBFX, its good have all the above criteria but the problem is it had a holiday candle.

I am using stifx, and they do have MT4 platform.
I am trading with them for few months and am happy. i myself trade sometimes like
10,000 min lot or 15,000 or 12,000
And i think they do offer 5000 lot size too, its better to speak with there customer support

there is something wrong with stifx website?
my ie always display page cannot be displayed.
there is nothing wrong with my connection, i dun understand. i filled the demo form so many times, but after i clicked send, it cannot be displayed, and there is no mail in my mailbox.

got other broker?

why dont you speak with there customer support.
The demo Account doesnt comes automatically, it comes manually i think a specific customer support emails you directly, which is good i think.