Need help for opening Micro account?

I am currently trading with Exness.Since they support 1$ minimum investment.well,they have spread but no pip rebate.
I am seriously a new bie,i dont have proper knowledge how to choose a good broker.Please help me.

Here is my requirement:

I do scalp,i take 1 to 10 pip per trade.So high spread is very bad for me.
Is there any broker available who support Micro account with 1$ investment with swap free (for non Muslim) account without spread? (i am ready to pay commission)

Please guide me.I heard about Instaforex,They 1$ deposit and with Eurica account,i dont have pay for spread only comission.But its swap free for Muslim only.
Does swap effect much??
Does Instaforex is good ECN broker?
Is ECN brokers are Non-dealing?

I heard Instaforex has pip rebate.How it effect?

i have a cent.standard account. minimum deposit is $1 through liberty reserve. other payment processors have different minimum deposit…for example alertpay is $2. i dont have a cent.eurica so not sure how they work, but basically there is a maximum deposit limit for that account. im not too sure about the pip rebate.

in my opinion, instaforex has a decent customer support, i rate it 4/5. you can always contact them through their live support.