Need Help how to start Pips school

Why are they so much better than "us Plebs " ?

so many Forex trading site provide signal during news , this can be profitable if anyone follow ?

i didn’t find any good one. honestly speaking

Welcome you to the forum. If you have gone through the forum you will definitely see that there are various sections. Go through the the beginners question sections first, then try to read trading discussion parts. And obviously, side by side try other learning sources like e-books, online training modules and demo accounts with reliable broker.

baby pips and FPA is the best learning section for the traders who are particularly newcomers, i mostly prefer beginners section in Pips school and beginners Boot camp in FPA. go through and learn more something . goo luck

FPA is good for Fx brokers reviews not for learning more something , this community is foremost to learn Forex market place .

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I like both of them above all in this community where I like to stay more to acquire advanced level knowledge. And other community is also good to make sure about brokers real performance.

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