Need Help how to start Pips school

Hello , friends especially the seniors . as a newcomer i have decided to start preschool in this forum. but i need more about how can i start in here. i need more besides this educational sites ?

Go to “Education”

Click “start course”

Read lesson 1

Tick “Lesson Completed”

Go to "Lesson 2 "

Repeat process

When you get to a Quiz, just answer the questions and continue.


Hi @AhsanMalik! Welcome to the forums!

Here’s the link for you to get started in the School of Pipsology.

If you have any questions about the lessons, don’t hesitate to ask them here in the forums. :slight_smile:

Good luck!!

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Hi asan … thank you for choosing Babypips in particularly preschool level . how to start pips school it already explained Falstaff. I just request to you don’t hurry when learning and go through the school minimum 2-3 times. Hope you will be benefited more.

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it looks a proper direction . Thank you Sir . Hope i will get more support next.

Thanks for advice. but why 2-3 times? i decided to complete this session for 1 times and then i will start demo for practicing.

agree. by finishing just 1 time is not enough to make sure good knowledge and experience. we have to pass more time in here with great concentration.

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Yes it is. But I have seen, so many beginners kick off their learning session at random when particularly in demo. as a result they get nothing from here and become loser after opening a live account. so, I always suggest for beginners go through all learning approaches again and again , if you want to ensure good result in trading.


now i am in Pips school and after finishing this level i will start in demo. i trade before demo and live but not accurately . this time i am starting from basic level and hope everything will be fine when learning and trading.

you can trade in a micro account also if you have good basic knowledge, otherwise demo account you can choose. it depends on your trading knowledge and experience.

Sounds good and good luck. Don’t be hurry, because in this world there is nothing which can be earned without very short time. That’s why keep calm and be patience always.

For newcomers micro is not appropriate for all time , it can be a reason for losing due to lack of knowledge and experience. right now I prefer demo for this.

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Thank you . but problem is i always fail to keep my patience when trading and got emotional. hope i will come back from these.

there is no one who doesn’t fail to keep his patience when trading , its a common attitude but by means of long term practice it can be controlled with others bad habits.

Just maintain your trading discipline and don’t trade at random without any analysis, this approach will support you to control emotions.

i am on the way Sir, everything is going good. i will inform you if i need any information. Thank you

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You are welcome and it’s great to know you’re doing good! :slight_smile:

Good luck!

hope, everything will be more comfortable with time , right now the main challenge is to maintain discipline.

most of the time i fail to maintain my discipline when trading especially during news, news trading always make sure volatile with loser. in my trading career i did huge losses particularly when news trading even still. :cry:

Trading in news time most complicated issue in Forex trading , only real professional trader can bring profit during news because of their long time experience , generally when news trading market moves at random and that’s why beginners level can’t predict the real faction of this market with certainly and become loser ultimately . so, news trading of course not general traders