Need help to send USDT TRC20

guys i want to withdrawal my TetherUSD (TRC20) from my Trust Wallet to some place , but i cant do it because most brokers and exchanges don’t accept the TRC20 usdt , so i wanted to transfer it back to the Binance but there is this 0.3 TRX Feed i need to pay , but i dont have any TRX at all! and i can’t just exchange some amount of my tether to TRX because USDT TRC20 isn’t listed for exhcange in trust wallet!
is there anyway i can fix this prob , or i simply have to buy extra TRX ???

Same here. Did you find out already how to transfer it?

Trust Wallet is charging a withdrawal fee in TRX to move USDT?

yep i did , u gotta have some TRX in your wallet as the transfer fee , i bought some TRX and then i was able to move it around.

Move it anywhere? I have the same problem. Sendt some USDT from Binance to Trust via TRC20 network. Now I got some TRX too, but still can’t do anything with them :confused: