Need help with a trade management EA

Hi Guys !

This is my first post in babypips… Ive been lurking for quite a while now and found this site really useful !

Ive a little problem and would need help from people who are into EAs…

Ive got this trade management EA that I got from either this site or forexfactory (dont really remember)… The basic function that i used was to close half position size at some pip value and make the trade break even. Previously I was using this with instaforex demo account (having 4 quotes in 4 decimals) and it was working fine ! Now I tried using it on alpari demo (having 5 decimals quotes) but it doesnt work…

Could anyone of you please check and dig out the issue … I’ll be glad !

Thanks !

Hi anothermortal

If I get some spare time I will have a look, as it sounds like a 5 digit problem. You should get the book “Expert Advisor Programming” by Andrew R Young. I recommend it as it has all the basic information you need to sort out most issues from basic to advanced.

Regards, Trader009.