Need Help with Leverage/Pip Value please


can someone please explain how much 1 pip is worth in this trade I just executed. I bought 1 lot of EUR/USD at 1309.44.

I should be using 1:100 leverage, unless broker/system error, I have requested them to confirm if leverage is 1:100. I have taken screen dump of my open trade, can you please tell me how much 1 pip would be worth and also if equity falls below margin, i get margin called? is my margin (not free margin) too high? many thanks!

your pip value is $6.40and your -1.8pips giving you the trade balance of minus$11.52.
which broker you with cause your free margin is now around $230 which would mean if price moves against you about 36 pips you will get a margin call, unless your broker starts keeps the position open till they have taking 50% of your margin in which case you could survive another 65pips against you on top of the 36pips.
your in demo aren’t you?, cause it sounds like you are throwing money away if you dont know these things