Need help with strategy tester!

Hello all. I was hoping somebody could help me with a new issue ive encountered. I can no longer run strategy tests for longer than 2 month. Heres my setup.

I have a dedicated mt4 terminal that has never been connected to any server. On intstallation all of the preloaded history data was deleted from the program folder and data folder. The original terminal was deleted and replaced with an earlier version. After which I loaded 5 years of tick data from dukascopy for the pairs that I use.

It always gets a %99.9 modeling quality. The current problem started within the last two days. My modelling quality remains the same.

I should add that this is also a custom machine. In case that makes a difference.

Actually I figured it out after a few hours of messing with it. If anyone else has similar problems delete your hst and fxt files from your program folder and copy the ones from ur data folder.