Need some advice

Hi all,

My name is Mike and this is my first post

I have been praticing for a while and ready to take the live plunge soon. Before I commit though, I would like to ask some advice regarding brokers, platforms, and charts packages this audience consider must have should have and nice to haves.

I have been practicing on the FXSOL platform most recently. I also have had exposure to the GTF and Oanda platforms…

Although I find each platform to have advantages and or dissadvantages, including pros and cons with the charting… I suppose the more important question remains what if any platform/broker has the endorsement of this group, in terms of ease of use, customer support, relaiblilty, accuracy and of course the broker’s business ehtics…

Aslo I would like to know if this group favors a particular charting package and news feed as essential for trading.

I would appreciate any assistance anyone can provide in these areas.

Thanks in advance