Need some help with high and low

I’m new to forex and I was reading day trading the currency market and It was about ‘inside day breakout play’.I think it’s very good strategy that every one could use but I think it’s a little difficult to determine the low and the high of the days.So ,Does any body knows about any indicator that for example draw some vertical line on the chart that indicate a new day and some horizontal lines which indicate the range of the price and the high and low of every days.
I think it would help many one to have a easy trading with a good reliability and accuracy.
By the way If anybody have done this strategy can put some images of the their trades?
Thanks all


Here is an idea for you. If you are using Metatrader, switch to a 1H chart and press CTRL+Y, and horizontal lines will appear, separating one day from another, then you can locate the high and the low of the previous days and draw two lines (one for the high and one for the low). Every day you have to move the lines.


Thanks but how can separate days?I want to separate them with vertical lines on the chart.

As Gasanville stated press Cntrl +Y to get Vertical lines on the charts that separates days on your 1h chart. He stated “horizontal lines” by mistake i guess.


exactly, i made a mistake, i meant vertical lines :smiley: