Need The Perfect Broker

Can someone tell me a broker that offers the following and is reputable?

  1. 400 or more to 1 leverage - 400:1
  2. Has hedging capabilities
  3. Offer Micro lots
  4. Tight Spreads
  5. Friendly Platform
  6. No FIFO

Go FxPro. They meet your criteria.

Try ibfx australia

Try accentforex dot com
Haven’t had any issues at all in 7 month. I recommend them based on experience and no doubt.

May i ask your strategy? 1:400 leverage is a serious word.

I have several live accounts there:

First one, its EA Scalper strategy account - I have ea running there, and I can say that it’s quite successful

  • Minimum requotes, quick execution - I’m glad about it

And second one - its position manual trading - it’s my main account, bigger lot size, and more continuous positions

  • i open orders at low volatility periods, and never seen any requotes, execution is always immediately, price quotes are similar to all market makers, no slippage for even pending orders - so, I’m sure they don’t cheat me.

Truly speaking, accentforex allow my strategies, and I pretty happy with them - I hope it for a long time

I highly recommend United World Capital -
Matching all your criterias, operating in strictly regulatory environment and secures deposits for up to EUR20K! Go and give it a try!

Thank you all for your response. Very helpful…