Need to learn MQL4 programming

I need to learn MQL4 Language … It has a new Updates so I need to work with it …

What should I do ???

Start with the basics!

You say: I need to learn MQL4
Then you say: what should I do?

You answered your own question when you started this post.

Google MQL4 language and start ‘working with it’

Good luck :23:

I learnt the Basics already but still find more problems face me -_- … I’ll try to change my Plan

Really :smiley:
I mean What should I do with these new updates that I can’t deal with :smiley:

Mention them here so we can have a look at it together. I program in MT4.

… ok >>>

look to that Pic :slight_smile: :slight_smile: it’s an expert code
old one I mean which i need to learn the new one

Thanks for sharing ^^