Neferma broker is it legit?

Has anyone ever used this broker? There’s this spooky feeling I have about them. They give this big no deposit bonus, the only way you’ll get it is by inputting your credit card details, and only way you can withdraw is by Bank wire and the least amount is $5000. So in essence you have to trade until you get 5k dollars before you can withdraw from them.

And of course - you’ll never have $5000 because you’ll lose and no matter how much you put in, it will always be below $5000 when you want to close the account and withdraw the money !

You wanna give some random geezers your card details ?

PS Most of those “Free money” offers on the Gambling websites have small print which makes it impossible to ever cash out the offers - I expect this one is the same.


There are lots of brokers in the market who provide bonus but with such a conditions which is very difficult to avail. For example you have given a soap in rewards which has to use only on your face and its expiry time is 1 day. So, how can one avail the offer? My suggestion is to not give your card information. Because there are many scammer who will still your information from this.

Too legit to quit, as legit as Bernie, and the weekend.

The Ever I Told You So VIPER

How do you come across those shady entities? There are so many brokers in the broker section with detailed feedback so you know what you go for when signing up with them. Try to rely on research especially on this forum, rather than advertisement.

this is becoming rapant

From what I can find, they are not regulated and the reviews over the net are not favorable.

Absolutely! And also what an explanation :clap: :clap:

Going by what @Bipin1800 said, if regulation doesn’t have a tick mark, I would somewhere think before going with that broker.

A broker that requires you to provide card details before giving bonus is really spooky. I think you should stay away. This looks like a new broker, stay away from them. I have got several bonus from Forexchief broker and they did not even ask for ID card. Been using it for more than 12 months.

Unregulated brokers are always suspicious. We gotta be really careful with those.

True. I am never in a favor of unregulated brokers. There are so many reputed and regulated brokers present in the market. There is absolutely no need to go with unregulated ones.

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I know, better be safe than sorry.

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I am not sure whether this broker is legit or not. In order to know about a broker, Forex Peace Army is a good website. When I was looking for reviews about the brokers that I wanted to use, I searched FPA and got to know about them.

The company is pretty much out of business, according to FPA

True. Just looked for them after reading your post and i can’t see them there.

I think it would be a good idea if someone can put “Scam” or “Not Legit” tag in this title thread to provide the clear answer.

Waiting for this!