NERD QUESTION - I hired a database guy who made an EA for forex

I hired a database guy who made an EA which is able to get practically all the parameters from the database(all the trades my trading robots did and will do), but would do an analysis of all the parameters so far and make some “AI” that would learn from the trades of the past and then apply it to the present situation, so that all the parameters would be constantly variable.
The problem is the mediator, which is in this example the broker.
I don’t have time to make thousands, millions or demo accounts so I can test all of these different parameters. My question is:
Is there a way to get source data from broker through API, WebService, or some other way to store that data on our database and use it for data analysis and running multiple simulations without DDOS (distributed denial of service) their servers if we try several hundred/thousand simulations with different settings at once?
I would really appreciate the answer or at least, person’s e-mail who could have answer to this

No, I think it is not possible because there are too many parameters. I’ve never seen anything like it done. Each broker’s server and platform is defined by what kind of broker it is. This should help you narrow your search.

Hi, you can download data from outside services like tickstory or histdata. Regards Greg