Hi everyone… i have been studying forex and the baby pips school for 4 months now… i am still not able to find a winning strategy… but what i wanted to ask you guys is what do you think about companies such as I Markets Live or Wealth Generators that they claim that following their alerts you can gain a lot of pips and become a successful trader… Is there ?anyone here with experience in this type of companies… what do you think?

My thoughts are. If they can earn money through trading , why bother with this?

Yes i understand… what do you think about the whole helping people to get financial freedom idea?

You’ve only been learning for 4 months, give it more time

You’ll find that financial freedom comes at a price. I’ll bet these altruistic companies charge, don’t they

Exactly, nothing is free in this world. If they were legit. That is good. But I go by what Jesse Livermore. Trust what you see in the chart, how you look at it and make sense out of it. And do it consistently well. If your looking for a shortcut. Might as well park the money in the bank. IMO.

thank you very much for your help… and yes they do… i should definetely trust myself and keep studying hard… ill be trading my demo account until a find a good and profitable strategy!!