Never Invest your Money Scam Broker Like Octafx

Hello Guys
I was trading With Octafx
I Share my experience How Octafx broker Scammed
I have a account of $1 5,000
In the month of March, They washed my account
When we informed them, They Said Company is responsible for that, after 2 or 3 days later they Said we close your trade b/c of Market move Rapidly and uncertainty of market we had closed your trade.
They close My trades I have lost 15 Thousands Dollar
Till now I’m waiting for Fund they don’t response.
I suggest you never Invest money in Octafx Broker.
I have given them every Proof but still they don’t reply me.
I have every proof if any one need i will give them.


Yes bro we are facing from same issues , they don’t think about members , they always do what they want . I really feel sorry about you , but don’t lay down keep it up I am supporting you bro

VERY BAD BROKER bro​:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I always thought they were a good broker. Aren’t they regulated?

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Bro I have proof how they scam…

OctaFx 3rd class broker i heard many complain obout octafx broker…

I trade there and also been an IB, can u tell me specific your problem, did you have open positions and you got margin call? also pm me if u dont wanna disclose here details…I can hel;p you

Did someone trade for you from their company?