New baby "member"!

Hi i am new at babypips i have been trading for 2 3 years, with money from some demo contest, the goal her is know new pepol and share trading ideas and experiences.

Of corse i will take advantage from the babypips education and try to learn more and more.

I have 26 and i am from Portugal, and at the moment i work at a insurance company.

Have a grent week.

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Bem vindo to BabyPips, @FreelancerPT! How’s your demo trading going? Are you doing well in that area?

Good on you for finding time outside of your job to learn how to trade! Not many people can or are willing to do that! :slight_smile:

It is going well.

I like to understand the world we live!

Thanks for the welcome.

When do you plan on going live? :slight_smile:

welcome to here , sounds good that you trade with real money by wining demo contest . what is your trading condition right now ?

What do you mean? with “what is your trading condition right now ?”

Hi there :wink:

You are trading with Demo money on demo account or on Live account with real money which you’ve got from winning some demo contests?

Well att the moment just demo, i have lost the prizes i have won.

The reason to gredy, Bad money managent

Hi @FreelancerPT! Welcome to the community. What currencies do you trade? :slight_smile:

With real money i trade the majors and some cross pairs.

But with demo i realy like to trade the exoctics.

And also i prefer this time frames 30min 1h or 4h.

The important thing is you’re learning your lessons! Are you also keeping a trading journal? :slight_smile:

I had done but i am a bit lazy, and as i am trading the most of the time with demo i don’t have at the moment a trading journal, but i recognize the importance and the utility of one.

Yeah it is tedious to maintain, I get ya.

I totally understand how you feel! :sweat_smile:


I am new here, and in the field of trading. But I want to learn. I think this forum will help me :slight_smile:

just keep busy in beginner section with demo practice , hope you will capture real knowledge and experience.

It happens.
Keep studying and practicing and you’ll see how you’ll improve.

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I would like to welcome you on the babypips community forum. You will feel like at home as the environment of this forum is quite friendly and interactive. You have to play your part in order to make it a more sophisticated place. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum babypips! I would like to advise you to learn as much as possible from here and implement this knowledge on the market and build a good strategy for yourself. Never try to enter the market without a strategy. Best of luck!

Welcome to babypips. How has your trading been so far?