New babypips vs Old babypips

so i dont understand the new babypips school cause the old one is much easier to understand and much comfortable to learn from, can anyone help me out cause i was studying and i put the learning of forex on hold and when i came back its new an its much difficult to understand. i am sorry but i am not cleaver to learn but i will try my best and if there is any pdf for the old one can you pass it on to me. thank toy

I agree with you; previous forum structure was too attractive and relevant to use (it’s my personal opinion only; nothing else).

I love Babypips , really dependable on this active forum community for gathering something new. I never concern at all about this forum recent structure, looking for always great message by the seniors.


Keep learning with great dedication. Don’t focus on the pattern

BabyPips is the most active Forex community! I have no objection on the structure! I see, till now the learning facilities are same here; so don’t worry about the structure!

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yes i agree when you say this is an active community and you as well as other seniors are awesome, thank you for the comment

Yes but i learn that we will always need to adapt to new changes thanks to the babypips community.

Thank you very much for the advice i very much appreciate it

thank you peter i will try not to worry about the structure

Yes, this is very good quality! Basically, I started with the previous structure; so many trading experiences with the previous one! Whatever, now I am also trying hard!

You are always welcome Aria; nice to know! All the best; happy learning!

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Is the exclamation point intended to denote irony (or is it just that you’ve never written a sentence here without one, regardless of the validity of its content)?

definitely it’s not the most active Forex community, nothing like, but this has advantages as well as disadvantages, perhaps?

which are what exactly?

From your point of view?

Are you having an issue with understanding the material or an issue with the redesign of the School and Forums? You weren’t specific about exactly was difficult to understand. The School of Pipsology material, for the most part, did not change all that much since the redesign in June. Let us know your thoughts and maybe we can help you better.

small community is easier to feel your way round and know people?

on the other hand, fewer discussions

i am new here, the site is not how i remember it at all, from looking in the past

the members i used to follow are not here now

the forum is now terribly difficult to navigate

so maybe i don’t stay, i am not sure yet

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Somehow I have the feeling that if you go, that will reduce the quality of the average members still further.

But this is what happens, when things get really bad - the “better members” leave, and only the dregs like myself are left behind to moan about it. Hard to stop it happening and continuing, once it’s started?

Frankly, I am active in all of popular Forex Forums and blogs! But, I see Babypips is the most useful one! I found so many useful treads here on technical and fundamental analysis! So, till now I spend enough time here!

what are other forums that are active, i am new so i dont know.

there are many

better and busier ones include (very high standard of posts), elitetrader, trade2win, forexfactory

i seem former active members here who left post in three of those forums

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