New, but not so new

Clifton, a.k.a. Stringbeen. I’m from Columbus, GA. Started trading September of 2020 w/the IM Academy platform. Dreaming to be free financially and not work for someone else, I wanted in. Wanted something recession-proof. A coworker from my Ft. Benning job doing windshield repair put me on, but, “the system failed me.” I’m putting in the same trades as others, but not profiting as others. I already been in the :rat: race for the longest. I think IM is cool for its bonus structure building the business not having to sell anything but the business itself, but neither trading or building was in my favor. Now I’m still trying to learn to trade on my own and not just await signals.

its a very interesting title you have done , generally we think its only for beginners level forum but in practically any kinds of trader can bring good knowledge and experience from here.

hi and welcome , have a very good and comfortable journey

Thanks. I’m still a beginner to a degree.

Having some forex knowledge before you risk your money is highly recommended. No need to take risks if you have no idea about what it can turn out to be.