New Covid Variant

It seems like there are still a lot of variants popping up around the globe. :open_mouth: I hope this continues to have no effect on the vaccine and that it’s still effective against it. :open_mouth:

Well, this is the fault of those researchers who, if a report is true, created the artificial virus in a lab in China with financing from the US, and somehow let it escape, causing all this mess on a global scale.

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The more covid viri that are circulating in the world’s population, the faster we see mutations. The more mutations it produces, the more of these will be seriously bad for humans.

If we reduce the number of covid viri, the number of mutations will fall and the number of harmful mutations will fall. Its just numbers.

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There goes my hope for this crisis ending soon.

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Unfortunately, for us here in the Philippines, our numbers are going up again and we’re pretty much back to where we were months and months ago. :frowning: It’s so heartbreaking and frustrating. :sob:

Brazil has it bad too. :frowning: This sucks. How many more years of this!

Never ending - until the ‘Great reset’ is achieved or world politicians and Bill Gates are in prison !

What is the Great Reset? :open_mouth:

@ponponwei oh dear !

Just google ‘Great reset Agenda’ - Klaus Shwab - Bill Gates - Davos WEF

Scary stuff. 1984 stuff.

“The UK B.1.351 variant and NYC variant B.1.5.26 are now responsible for over 51% of New York Covid-19 cases.”

My understanding is that the NY variant is similar to the South African variant which is less receptive to current vaccines.

I am so sorry, ria_rise. Same here for us, we just went into lockdown. :frowning:
Good luck to everyone, and take care of yourselves and loved ones!

We went into lock down again. New variants are coming again and again. It is so bad. My hopes are going to travel all around. :pensive: :pensive:

Oooh. :open_mouth: This is the first time I’ve heard of a “Great Reset.” I’ll check it out too. :open_mouth:

We’re in another lockdown until the end of April. :confused: I hope that even small businesses manage to survive this. :sob:

Helloooo @mlawson71! :blush: :open_mouth: I was gone for a while because some of my family members tested positive for COVID. :sob: The whole family was in shock and panic. But thankfully, they’ve recovered. Now hoping to get vaccinated soon. :frowning: How are youuu? :open_mouth: I hope you’re safe and healthy.