New FX Brokers

Recently GiveFx was launched and a blog I read now has links to this broker. They have an interesting model and look to be a reputable firm. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with/on them? I like the honesty and the idea to give back on every trade you make. This is from the site above:

"How we Give Back

give. FX has not only made a commitment to providing you with some of the industries best trading technology and research but we have also made a commitment to giving back and affecting change throughout our world. You�re probably wondering �So how does this program work, what do they mean �give back� and how much will it cost me?� The short answer to that question is simple; it will cost you nothing more than the same spreads you�re used to seeing while trading the Forex markets at other brokerages*! To learn more about or donations program please review the “Give” section of this website."


“Your trading through give. FX can generate and affect a staggering change throughout our world. For every over the counter foreign currency trade (“Forex”) you make* we are dedicated to donating $0.25 USD to a foundation or not for profit organization which is dedicated to changing the world. give. FX is an innovative and service oriented provider for Forex related brokerage services. We exist not only to service your needs, but also the world’s needs. Founded by a previous NFA employee and an accomplished computer programmer we are dedicated to creating a trading culture based on integrity, honesty, technology, and charity. Our goal at give. FX is to provide you with the trading tools and market analysis you need while giving back to the global economy. In these times of great economic hardship and lack luster integrity, give. FX strives to be the light within a dark industry and the hope for a better future.”