New Graduate of Forex school

I just graduated from Baby Pips forex school. I started studying forex about 4 months ago. I’m studying Urban Forex and I’ve gone through a lot of the ICT trading found on YouTube. I’m following his recommendation of what videos to watch. Which now has me starting to go thru the 2016 mentorship. I’ve loved all the material from all the sources. Babypips though helped me immensely with understanding what the heck they are all talking about. Feels really nice to have graduated, created a trading system, and started a trading journal.

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Welcome in BP community :slight_smile: good luck in this long journey :slight_smile:

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Welcome and congrats on finishing the Pipsology course! Babypips is indeed a great foundation. Are you planning to share your trading journal here?

Welcome and congrats on your progress! Looking forward to hearing more about your trading experiences. See you around!