New guy

Hi all I am just a person started my live account for 3 weeks now and thats after 3 months of demo account may be I just registed here but I learned a lot from this site I wish everyone and me for sure :stuck_out_tongue: good trades and being winner always.
my dream (as many others) to be a good trader and leave my current job :slight_smile:

Hi, secoo. Welcome aboard as well. I’m new here, too, so good luck to both of us and everyone that is getting into FX. We have a lot of learning to do.

See you around.

Welcome to our forex forums! Glad to know you’ve learned a lot from our site and that you started with demo first before going live. How’s your performance so far?

Thanks guys well I am doing ok not bad but not good as I wish still I need to learn a lot :slight_smile:

Hey mate,

Glad to see you around. Be patient and learn everyday. Then you can improve yourself

Good luck Friend !!

I am newish too… Good trades for us all… Anybody know of where I can practise candle stick formation spotting?