New Here…. Hello All

I’ve heard a lot about forex from a few people I’ve seen that have started trading. I’m looking to make some extra money and maybe supplement my whole income eventually. Look forward to learning and hearing from a few traders as well. Thank you all!!!

If you were an experienced trader, that could be possible, but it’s more than 80% odds on that the experienced trader will make some extra money from you. Just focus on learning not to lose money instead.

And profitable experience comes from years of trading as there is no short cut to success. That’s the reality, not a few people just starting trading or social media marketing hype which is mostly fantasyland.

Best of luck.

Hello and welcome! It’s going to be a long journey of learning. Be patient and motivated until you become a profitable trader. Best of luck!

Welcome to the community, @promillz847. How has it been so far? Good luck on your fx trading journey.