New Here, Hi there, Hoping to learn trading

Just a new trader, have 0 experience. But hoping to learn well.

Educational section of this site will be the best option to learn.

Every trader should have basic knowledge to make money from this market.

At least, to lose small and win bigger.

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It’s difficult to follow market makers if you don’t know where to start looking. So how about opening up and explaining?

I have tried replying to your post multiple times with links and answers, but it got deleted…

The Mods have very strict rules on posters marketing their wares via social media platforms on this site. I suggest if you present your strategy specifically on this site it would be accepted. Screen shots of charts are permitted.

I hope you understand that YouTube is utilised by marketeers for traders to buy into their profit making wares.

It makes sense yes. I want to share the links, so everyone knows which Youtuber to follow. You can find all you need on that channel as there are many videos that will help you. You do not even need to join a mentorship. The channel that I want to link, is also what my trading is based on.

I know more than is shown on that channel, but I am not allowed to share that info here. However that is not even needed for you to be profitable. The Youtube videos that I want to link are enough.

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to the community! Hope you learn what you’re looking for.

Having some fundamental knowledge about trading allows you to make good trading decisions. You can find a lot of resources on Youtube and other sites that explain the basics of trading. Good luck

Welcome. How did you get into trading?